Our Initiatives

SHARPS! Program


The SHARPS! program offers a needle drop off locations open to the public. We hope to prevent needles being disposed in public places and prevent the reuse of needles, hopefully resulting in a reduction of skin infections, HIV, and hepatitis.  

Naloxone Distribution and Training


Naloxone is a medication designed to quickly reverse overdose. We aim to equip first responders with Naloxone. Our goal is also to work with the Dept. of Children and Families to organize Naloxone clinics and distribute it to the community.

Physician Campaign


Our goal is to encourage physicians to take proactive measures to reverse this alarming trend. We have partnered with physicians to  promote the use of the E-FORSCE prescription monitoring program to stop the over prescribing of opioids.  

Secondary Education


Teenagers are exposed to opioids at an earlier age now than ever before. Others have loved ones who are struggling with opioid addiction. Our goal is educate high school students regarding mental health, addiction, and the opioid crisis.

Combat Homelessness


We work with the Crescent Community clinic and local organizations to hold events and reach out to the homeless population. TORN looks to provide them with  free medical exams, food, and access to other resources and educational material. 

Educational Events and Panels


Our organization speaks at various events throughout the Tampa Bay area to educate the community on dangers of addiction, provide available resources, and create a network of social support within the Tampa Bay area.

Civic Engagement


At TORN, we recognize the impact public policy and politics have on the wellbeing of individuals. We want to mobilize our community and reach out to our elected officials to help impact public policy and funding to further our efforts. 

Diet and Nutrition


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a nutrient-rich diet is an essential part of successful recovery. Our team speaks about lifestyle and dietary modifications at events to help those who are on their path to a substance free life.

Detox Retreats


Inquire about our detox retreats, which help those individuals who are on the path to recovery. Outdoor recreation, yoga, stress relieving activities, and meditation are helpful in successfully overcoming addiction.